About Digital Green: The Party for Developers

Do you get out of bed with a good feeling every day? This may sound like a personal question, but for us the answer to this question is crucial. At Digital Green, we ensure that you always enjoy going to work from now on. We are the recruitment party for developers. Recruitment is all about people, but unfortunately we see that in the current field of work it mainly revolves around targets, figures and money. And that is a shame! Because the secret to successful recruitment is attention. And that is exactly what we stand for at Digital Green. We want our clients and candidates to feel heard and appreciated. We believe that we can only achieve this together.

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For clients

There are probably more parties who can quickly supply you with an IT professional. But at Digital Green we go a step further. We ensure that this IT professional really fits in with your culture and company. After all, you don't want him or her to be hijacked by the next party in six months' time. Over the past five years,

Digital Green has built up a network with IT Development Professionals throughout the Netherlands. We know these professionals through and through. We still regularly drink a cup of coffee or call to ask how they are doing.

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