About Digital Green: The Party for Developers

Our founder Kereshma worked for five years as a Java Development recruiter at the Zuidas in Amsterdam. There she was given the opportunity to build a network. But she also realized that the field of recruitment needs to change. Many recruiters roll into the world, learn the sales game and are blinded by bonuses and luxuries. You can't blame them for that, that's the culture within many recruitment companies.

Kereshma also competed, even winning a Rolex for being the best recruiter of 2018. But she realized this was not making her happy. In fact; the secret to Kereshma's success was not that I stared at her paycheck or the luxurious lunches at the office. She was genuinely happy with the satisfaction it gave when she had made another client happy with a talented IT specialist.

Or if she had helped a developer find a new job that made him or she much happier. That drive ensured that Kereshma worked 60 hours a week and that clients could still call her in the evening if they needed anything. And with that drive she started Digital Green.

Why recruitment within IT?

Over the past five years, Kereshma has built a strong network within IT. Her current network on LinkedIn consists of 2,664 connections, 1,500 of which are IT specialists. Kereshma's LinkedIn posts are viewed an average of 950 times. In the past five years, she has met 650 IT specialists and spoke to 3,525 IT specialists on the phone. In addition, she was named the best IT recruiter of the year in 2018. This is an annual competition between more than 300 IT recruiters. With this baggage and her passion for people, it is a logical step for Kereshma to continue her adventure within IT recruitment.

Why the passion for recruitment?

It is a great feeling when you can really help someone further in his or her career. This can be a client who gets a new project on his plate or has to replace someone from his team. But it can also be a candidate who is ready for a new challenge or who unexpectedly has to look for a new challenge. The added value of Digital Green is that we can help both the client and the candidate quickly and effectively.

IT may seem like a large market, but it is also a tight-knit market. We therefore always ensure that both the client and the professional are left with a good feeling, even if we may represent the interests of only one party.

How do you ensure that we know clients and professionals well?

Digital Green wants to get to know all partners and professionals personally. This can be done by means of a video call, a walk in the open air or just plain old-fashioned over a cup of coffee. This is the most important part of the recruitment cycle for us. In order to achieve a good placement / mediation, the preliminary phase is the most important. We reserve an hour and sometimes more than two hours to get to know someone really well. We prepare questions in advance that also need to find out who you are as a person. Digital Green is always curious about the person behind the CV. We do believe that you are technically strong. The biggest question is whether you fit in the team and whether the team suits you. Because let's be honest; we spend more time with our colleagues than with family and friends. Fun at work is therefore of great importance.

How do you ensure that we remain a solid sparring partner?

You never stop learning within the (IT) recruitment profession. The environment, the professionals, the clients and the economy are constantly changing. To keep up, we regularly attend webinars and networking drinks. We also follow various training courses to expand our knowledge so that we can serve our partners well.

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